pro services

PRO Services to Help You Grow


Solid solutions to help create your business identity and use marketing tools to tell your story. Branding and Business Identity; Business Development; Web Site Design and Creation; Market research and product analysis: This is where we fit in. This is where we can help YOU.  

Consultancy Services


Small or medium, sole trader or simply someone who wants to get started and not sure how. Get the PRO for a professional overview with neither hassles nor huge expenses.  It’s all about creativity and exciting style and we can do it for you!

Market to Create Greater Impact


Whether you are promoting yourself, a product or a service, it is important you complement your marketing efforts to create a greater impact. Balanced marketing through Product, Price, Place and Promotion.

Need some help? 1:1 Mentoring


Designed to deal with your individual business and career needs and improve your confidence and motivation. Set measurable goals towards a bigger objective and help in recognising potential business opportunities or professional change. Taking control on your time - time management and business planning.

Branding & Business Identity


Business names, logo creation. Concept and brand development.  Business Presentations. Content proofreading and editing. Promotions, catalogues, brochures, as well as translations in different areas of business.   

Working mothers – get rid of the guilt!


Setting the right balance into motion! Creating a  realistic and practical plan of how to make it right and more importantly, which mistakes to avoid.