About Us


A Boutique Consultancy promoting People, Concepts and Products. 

Business, Marketing and consultancy

Begun in Melbourne in 2004, PROinmotion provides business, marketing and consultancy services for a diverse group of clients, ranging from big companies to smaller family businesses and community organisations. In every instance, we take the opportunity to help them grow, thrive and find solutions to problems that hold them or their businesses back.

The focus is on YOU!

At PRO, the focus is on you and your business needs.  We provide practical guidance that will result in you staying in business and running it with continued growth and excellence. Give us a call if you are serious about growing both personally and professionally. We will do the rest.




PROinmotion realises the challenges facing small businesses and we offer marketing and sales solutions to suit your needs and your budget. Don`t let your business fail because of lack of relevant information or professional direction. We can help you increase your business and selling activities and set the standard to which others aspire.



We  are happy to provide our clients and prospective clients with innovative and  creative business solutions. With our fair and decent consultancy rates, we provide small and medium businesses access to the infinite world of marketing, branding, online and offline creative solutions. PROinmotion is transforming business consultancy into an affordable tool – for all. 



At  PRO, we appreciate that unlike large companies and corporations who have  greater resources and substantial budgets, running a small  business is hard. This is why our consulting rates are fair and affordable and we can always adapt to your needs.

The Best of Professionals

Anat Aloni, Founder and Owner

Anat brings to PROinmotion over 25 years of professional experience in marketing, branding, corporate strategy and media relations with  flawless business practices, high professional standards and credibility.

Passionate Communicator

As a passionate communicator,  Anat combines a pleasant personality with an excellent skill for details.  Learn more