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Boaz Noyman

An Entrepreneur, Business Development Professional and a Natural Rapport Builder

We have been blessed to surround ourselves with true professionals: Strong interpersonal and communication skills with highly developed written and presentation skills; Boaz is a natural rapport builder who connects well with people and has a 'down to earth' approach. A self-motivated individual who strives for a challenge, Boaz was able to work autonomously as well as collectively in teams with a diverse group of stakeholders and personalities.

..."The world is changing. Principals don't. In our very complicated world, principals help us simplify things. Sort the right from wrong. Keep us on track"....

Genuinely interested in other people, Boaz believes that if one`s respect the other, one can thrive. And he thrives on building relationships. With an ability to identify and find the right people, then develop and maintain a relationship with them, Boaz gains people`s trust and use it to create a win-win situation advantage and benefit; leading people to their point of logical conclusion, close the deal to everyone's satisfaction, and always keep his integrity. One of our VERY loyal and responsible leading team members.

For more than twenty years, Boaz have developed significant professional experience in In-home sales and B2B - from products to concepts: "I have developed both business development and account management skills, as well as good time management capabilities (which was a challenge must say :-) but guess the skill to do come from the doing...) and ability to use technology to capture information and maximise sales."

Passionate about sales and service

As an experienced sales professional, with a strong sales background, a proven track record in sales with over 20 years' experience and a record of managing clients and servicing their needs, Boaz became to be a proven client relationship developer, always focused on creating and delivering to client's needs. Being passionate about sales and service, a great believer in after sale service and being successful at it, Boaz has highly developed skills in cold calling as well.

"I believe my biggest success is ahead of me not behind me"

"I'm driven with a true hunger to succeed. I believe my biggest success is ahead of me not behind me and willing to do the work. Perseverance, persistency and consistency are not just nice words but rather a way of life.

I see myself as a man of vision, a leader who can be a good trainer when focused. Have and always have been with an open approach to learning and development. Having owned and operated my own businesses - succeeded and failed in some, I have a deep understanding of the commitments, mind set and attitude, responsibilities and sacrifices required to own and run a successful business. This perspective adds depth into my communication with my clients.

As a big believer in stepping in and leverage while being given the space to perform, with each and every new account I am always excited by the new challenge of helping to take the business to the next step while sharpening my own skills and becoming a better person myself ."