PROinmotion - a Boutique Consultancy promoting People, Concepts and Products

Began in Melbourne in 2004, PROinmotion provides business, marketing and consultancy services for a diverse group of clients, ranging from big companies to smaller family businesses and community organisations throughout Australia.
In every instance, we take the opportunity to help them grow by providing marketing and communications services, introducing them to people and products that help them thrive and find solutions to problems that hold them or their businesses back.
At PRO, the focus is on you and your business needs. We provide practical guidance that will result in you staying in business and running it with continued growth and excellence. So give us a call if you are serious about making your dreams come true, both personally and professionally, we will do the rest. You just then make a firm decision and commit to:
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Some of what our clients say…

  • "I have known Anat and have dealt with PROinmotion on numerous occasions throughout the years.

    It is always my first port of call and the reason is simple: I don’t remember one meeting with Anat that I didn’t walk away from inspired and ready to take on the world."

    "Whether meeting to organise marketing material, a business expansion plan or just for a coffee, Anat always seems to hit the right points to make me motivated and excited about the next step."
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